72 Railroad Ave, Chester, CT 06412



THURSDAY NOV 30th  |  SERVING LUNCH ONLY  |  Closing at 4 PM for a Private Event

Date: August 9
Time: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Location: Marker 37

Sorry, Tonight’s Event is Cancelled Due to Weather

UPDATED 8.9.2022

We are delighted to welcome back The Meadows Brothers! Join us Tomorrow, Tuesday August 9th from 6 till 9 pm at Marker 37. Live Music Nights on Tuesdays are in full swing. We can’t wait to see you.

🎶 Live Music Nights are Sunday Nights from 3 till 6 PM & Tuesday Nights from 6 till 9 PM. Come down to the river and enjoy a full dining experience with our outdoor patio or cocktail service on the lawn. The outdoor patio bar is now open, and as always we offer an indoor dining room and full bar. The fire tables are first come first serve along with the corn hole sets.

⚓️ Please note, if you are arriving by boat both mooring and slips are available via Chester Point Marina. We remind you to use VHF 9 to arrange docking or mooring services. Both services include a fee paid to the marina.